Dental implants are always very beneficial as compared to other treatment options. However, like every process, they do have pros and cons that must be assessed beforehand.

Losing a tooth is something that may happen anytime and with anyone, irrespective of age and gender. However, nobody would like that empty slot and space on the jaw that is apparent after the loss of teeth. There are several traditional procedures like dentures and bridges that are quite common among people before dental implants came into being. However, in many circumstances, those procedures didn’t turn out to be effective enough.

Pros of Dental Implants (i)

There are several reasons that have made dental implants amount to be a better choice, this may comprise of the following:

Dental Implants Look Real

When you get yourself, a dental implant you don’t even feel like it’s an artificial tooth. The look and feel is so real no less than an actual teeth of yours. You may find this procedure more suitable as compared to the other ones because of their comfort, they won’t bother you like dentures or bridges and people wouldn’t even realize that you have lost your teeth.

Long Term Solution

Many people think about how long dental implants last, well dental implants when taken care of may last for up to 20 years. However, it depends upon how you have been taking care of and whether your dentists have done their job properly or not. Dental implants are a long-term solution to your issue of lost teeth so they might be capable of covering your lifetime as well provided that you are careful with handling it.

Chewing Becomes Easy

Chewing is one of the prime concerns when it comes to teeth. Dentures and bridges usually cause a lot of trouble in this aspect of eating food. However, with the dental implants procedure in place, you would never have to face the hassle of chewing at all. You will be able to eat food in the same way as you always used to eat before losing your teeth.

Strength of Jaw

Your jaw is the foundation of the rest of your teeth and it must stay strong. When you lose your teeth, you tend to have a space that may be occupied by the bone of the rest of the teeth. This may disturb the shape of the jaw also, it causes bone loss. To prevent bone loss it is suggested to get a dental implant so that the space is filled back again.

Easy to Care For

The dental implant as explained above is similar to your natural teeth they allow you to have a perfect experience with no hassle at all, same goes for cleaning as well. You just have to follow the usual tips for taking care of your teeth like flossing, brushing, using a mouthwash, and nothing else. Therefore, the process of taking care is very easy and won’t cause much trouble.

Cons of Dental Implants (ii)

As much as pros are significant when it comes to getting a dental implant you can’t ignore the cons. You have to give similar attention to these so that you attain the required results out of it. A few such cons that may be important may include the following:

Involves Risk

The dental implant is a surgical procedure hence the risk is involved. You would have to face pain and swelling. Blood loss will occur during the surgery. In addition, anesthesia is given and it may also have some side effects to bother you. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to heal, the initial period of getting a dental implant is very tough and you have to be very patient during it. Also sometimes, the nerves may get damaged during the surgery and have an impact on the adjacent teeth.

Not Suitable for All

The dental implant is suitable only for people who have had a strong bone structure. If your jawbones are not strong, you might not be eligible for the implant. Since the process involves drilling the teeth with a screw kind of structure in the jawbone, your jawbone needs to handle the pressure.

Expensive Treatment

When compared to other treatments for tooth loss. The dental implant cost is something that amounts to be an expensive option. So, when it comes to getting this process done make sure to assess your budget beforehand because it is no doubt an expensive choice to go for.

Long Healing Time

The healing time of dental implants is very long. You need to wait for a period of few months before your dental implants are completely intact. Hence, you won’t be getting any kind of instant result out of these procedures if you are expecting anything like this.

Risk of Infection

Since a dental implant, the procedure is a surgical procedure there is a significant risk of developing infections. Hence, many people might avoid it in the fear of having any other disease related to their teeth, and hence for many people, it may still be a scary experience that might not help them make a decision.

The dental implant failure rate is very less and this is what makes it a suitable choice. They will last for a longer period of time and even if issues like infections occur that tend to go away with time.

You can really get your healthy and filled jaw back after having a dental implant and your expensive with this kind of treatment will always be worth going for. However, one thing is for sure that you need to be regular with your dentists’ follow-ups and must take care of your teeth afterward. Moreover, you must be careful with the teeth and don’t have hands on anything which is very hard to chew that may damage the teeth. Selecting the right dentists is also very important, make sure to choose someone who has a reputable name in the industry so that you get yourself a very peaceful and comfortable experience with no risks involved.