Minivans are not just for commercial purposes many people buy them for their personal use as well. There are many best and worst things about a minivan that should be known.

There was a time when minivans used to be much popular. However, as time changed many people now prefer having the most luxurious looking automobiles in place. The look of a sedan and SUV cannot be compared to a minivan of course. Well, the need for the uplifted status and the looks and style the extravagant vehicles have may not be available in the minivans and hence they started to face a decline in demand.

However, still, some people use minivans for personal purposes and with this, they even cater their professional jobs. Like, if you own a minivan and you wish to have a part-time earning opportunity you can choose for carpooling service. You cannot say that minivans are nothing and a useless automobile, there are the good sides and the bad sides of everything and so does a minivan.

What’s good about Minivans? (i)

Well, when it comes to taking a look at the positive features a minivan will offer you, a few things may comprise of the following.

Very Convenient for Everyone

Minivans are extremely convenient, you can ask anyone about them. The process of getting inside the van and the process of getting outside is fairly quick and simple no matter what you hold in your hands. You don’t have to twist or hold anything, the sliding door opens up and you can jump out. The seniors, mothers with babies, and even children may easily get in and out of it with no added hassle. This makes them worth investing so, even if you are carpooling your passengers would be glad to have such convenience.

Room for Everything

Minivans are meant to hold people and stuff. So, you can add as much as load you want and they will very happily welcome it. Although many people would say that SUVs are also very roomy, yes they are but not as much as minivans because they have those fancy features that take up some space. So, when you have to stuff more people to maximize your carpool passengers or you wish to travel with a lot of luggage, minivans are there to cater to your needs of space.

Prone to Flexibility

Flexibility is a piece of cake for minivans, they are very easy to adjust to anything the user wants. They can be easily made into a full fledge three-row seating carpool vehicle and a proper cargo carrier. It has foldable seats and space for adding extra rows. So, using it as per your requirements and how you need things to be like you can find them to be one of the worth investing choices of all times.

Budget Friendly Purchase

People who are not looking for fancy and top rated high-end vehicles may find minivans to be the most suitable option for their budgets. They are not very expensive and they can cater many purposes for an individual. So, all in all, the purchase may be worth investing in, if you prefer affordability over luxury. They are comfortable and spacious, it’s just that they don’t have those latest innovated features which a sedan or SUV might have, but in the same way, there is a huge price difference as well.

Impressive Features

The older minivans were not equipped with features that every family traveling in it might like to have. However, the new versions are slightly upgraded and cater to offer many features that passengers would love to have while traveling. Features like entertainment systems, cup holders for the rear passengers, air vents for the rear passengers may comply be found in the minivans floated these days.

What’s Bad about Minivans? (ii)

So, where we have shed light on the way a minivan could offer some amazing benefits we must see the downside of having it as well.

Difficult to Park

Parking issues are very common with the people who drive minivans. They are huge, massively huge, you can say that although SUVs and crossovers are huge still they have a slight shape that might make things easy. Whereas, in the case of minivans it seems to be a big box that finds difficult to adjust in a small space. So, for new drivers of minivans, parking could be a new challenge to face.

Fuel Efficiency is Out of Question

Everyone who looks forward to buying a new vehicle would at first ask about its fuel efficiency. If you are also in search of the same answer about minivans, you must know that nothing like this could be expected from minivans. You should prepare yourself mentally, that if you own a minivan or you look forward to owning it, the hike in fuel prices will always be a pain in your neck. Also, since they have a lot of fuel consumption they possess a risk of pollution to the environment as well.

Not Suitable for Off-Road

Minivans are not at all suitable to be driven off-road, also in snowy conditions, it could be a challenging drive that may be stuck at any point. Hence you must make sure to consider this aspect in the first place before buying. Although the SUVs and crossovers may be suitable to cater off-road drives you cannot let a minivan be driven on such paths.

No Luxury to Enjoy

Many people think that when they are investing in a car why they don’t look forward to a luxurious option. However, anyone who has the same thought must stay away from minivans because they are not going to cater any luxury based experiences for the buyers.

Although the demand for minivans is declining day by day still people look forward to having them and some models are very good. However, just make sure to go through the reviews of each minivan you have shortlisted so that you can always make a sane decision and materialize your investment in the best possible way.